Warehouse Control System OVERVIEW

Interfaced to a business system or as a standalone, the WCS is an industry leading warehouse management system.

With barcode scanners and screens optimized for specific business needs, the WCS manages all aspects of material movement into, out of, and inside your warehouses and manufacturing operations.

For batch operations, low volumes, or business with budgetary constraints, we recommend SupplySync as a better alternative.

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Systems architecture and ERP Interface

  • ERP/ business system independent - Interfaces to a wide variety of "off the shelf" business software and, through our "Workstation Automation" tool, even homegrown solutions. 

  • Extends business systems (ERP, etc.) that don't support serialization, lots, sublots, catch weights, pallets, containers-in-containers, pallet hold , partial holds, items and pallet status, etc.

  • Resolves "finger pointing". Operations Technologies has achieved partner status with many ERP and business solution vendors using, when available, certified interfaces. If a problem ever should arise, we assume default responsibility.  If the problem is ours, we will fix it.  If the problem is elsewhere, we will diagnose it and document the specifics then work with the appropriate people to help to correct it. 

  • Highly configurable - can be easily tailored in over a million possible ways with no code  changes.

  • A flexible systems architecture.  Our suite allows for highly centralized or completely decentralized architecture - choosing between a single enterprise server, a local server on each site, or a combination depending on the best fit of service and support requirements.

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  • Dock Door Scheduling by load type and arrival time

  • Automates the receiving process and prints bar code labels on demand

  • Tracks and controls materials in receiving and inspection

  • Receives against a PO reporting and adjusting as allowed and necessary

  • Receives against an ASN

  • Allows miscellaneous receipts

  • Single step or two step putaway of incoming material

  • Supports a paperless receiving process

  • Reuses shipper's pallet ids if desired

  • Supports cross-reference vendor numbers/lots/sublots and expiration date and create corresponding internal numbers - optional barcode labels

  • Automatic quarantine if desired

  • Expedites delivery of material to production

  • Provides online validation of purchase order details

  • Tracks receipt of goods by item, container or pallet

  • Performance and productivity by task

  • ASN supplier receipts

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  • Automates picking, put-away and transfer operations

  • Proposes put away tasks according to your warehouse navigation rules

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General Warehouse Management

  • Plans and prioritizes stocking based on user defined rules

  • Schedules and monitors warehouse resources

  • Real time alerts of potential problems

  • Prioritizes orders and tracks picking status

  • Supports inventory management by lot, container, and serial number

  • Supports sublots, catch weights, etc

  • Provides paperless processing of physical inventories and cycle counting

  • Supports task interleaving

  • Facilitates container and pallet build functions

  • Manages zone, volume, cube and equipment limitations

  • FIFO, FEFO, etc, material selection process

  • Configurable rules for overriding system selected material

  • Allows electronic quarantine of any defective products or parts

  • Supports quality hold and release by lot, serial number or container

  • Supports quality hold and release by sublot

  • Prevents shipments of defective products

  • Minimizes quality containment campaigns and product recalls

  • Provides quick search capability and pinpoints location of defective products

  • Maintains quality details for FDA, AIAG, GMP and DOD compliance

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  • Picks against ERP or WCS generated pick tickets

  • Ad-hoc picking against a WCS generated pick ticket

  • Facilitates material allocation and shortage control

  • Forward pick and replenishment

  • Supports Batch and Wave picking

  • Schedules automatic inventory replenishment

  • Prevents issuance of "on hold" goods

  • Pick and pack

  • One or two step pick and drop

  • Kitting

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Cycle Counting

  • Supports physical and cycle counting by container and serial numbers

  • Supports physical and cycle counting by location, lots

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Production and Shop Floor Interface

  • Schedules and delivers "best decision" raw material for production

  • Records consumption of actual items/lots/sublot/containers

  • Records production and creates barcode labels

  • Maintains full chain traceability

  • Material for multiple production orders to be picked, staged, and delivered at the same time

  • Simplified issuing of ingredients to batches via barcodes

  • Supports paperless kanban movements

  • Real-time analysis of ingredient variances for improved quality

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  • Supports a complete paperless shipping process

  • Synchronized replenishment and dispatching in response to customer demand

  • Manages pick processes, schedules and kitting

  • Supports packing and weighing processes

  • Spotlights and tracks high priority customer orders

  • Facilitates material allocation and shortage control to customer demand

  • Supports ASN customer shipments and transmits ASNs via EDI or Internet

  • Optional links to FedEx, UPS and other traffic and routing systems

  • Prints product and customer labels on demand with shipping documents

  • Links shipment contents to containers and pallets via a single bar code scan

  • Supports UPC, HIBC, AIAG and PDG bar code labeling formats

  • Prints pick and pack slips, pallet labels, manifests, and bills-of-lading

  • Supports pallet, package and container tracking

  • Supports quality hold and release by lot, serial number or container

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QC / QA / Regulatory

Records and stores receiving, production, and shipping data for FDA 306 and other traceability requirements.

Typical compliance features include :

  • recordings of all received items, lots,vendor's lot , dates of receipt, manufacturing date
  • complete lot traceability,
    • date received and from whom or date made
    • original lot number, redesignated lot number
    • lots/items the lot went into (as raw or WIP)
    • lots / item that went into it
    • date shipped and to whom
  • FDA 306 compliance receiving, production, shipping
  • the Instant Recall program which finds all affected lots, and lot descendants,who received the lots, the contact information, and automatically e-mails letters of notification
  • automatic forwarding of COAs to designated address at time of shipment

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SAmple of Reports

   Inventory and Traceability

  • '---InventoryAtAGlance     (Shows item and hold info, location for all pallets)

  • '---LotTraceability     (Complete  history – what lot went into and what went into it, when a lot was received, when & who shipped to, who touched it, etc.)

  • '---InvDet     (For each lot, shows location, lot, unit, qty, last cycle)

  • '---InvList     (shows item, unit, lot, qty, last cycle)

  • '---InvLoc      (For location, shows item, unit, lot, qty, last cycle)

  • '---InvRecCS      (Inventory Recon Report By Case)

  • '---InvRecISP     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---InvRecIt     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---InvRecLSP     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---InvRecSL     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---InvSum      (By pallet, lot.  Shows qty vs. allocated, cycle)

  • '---IRLEITEM     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---IRSLSUM     (Inventory Recon Report By Item; adds up sublots)

  • '---IRWHITEM     (Inventory Recon Report By Item)

  • '---IRWHLOC     (Inventory Recon Report by Location, Item)

  • '---ProdLot     NEW WIP  (Production Summary by Lot)

  • '---lotdet     (Lot Movement Detail)

  • '---lotsum     (Lot Movement Summarized)

   Load Scheduling

  • '---CarDisp        (Shows shipping/receiving traffic)

  • '---DispStat        (Shipping/Receiving traffic)

  • '---TrkSched        (1 page schedule of Inbound/Outbound trucks)

  • '---AuthSlip        (Authorization Slip for Truck Driver Confirmation)

  • '---AuthSlipInbound    

  • '---ShippingLicences    

  • '---WCS-BOL       (Bill of Lading)


  • '---OrdShip     (Shipping Report)

  • '---OrdConf     (Pick Confirm Report)

  • '---OrdPick     (Pick to Ship Report)

  • '---OrdRecv     (Purchase Order Report)

  • '---OrdStat     (Order Status Report)

  • '---OrdSum     (Order Summary Report)

  • '---OpenOrders        (List of Open Orders)

  • '---ShippedOrders        (List of Shipped Orders)

  • '---ProdPick     (Pick for Production)

   Transaction History

  • ---logDet    (Detail line of each transaction by user or ERP, btp, etc...)

  • ---logGen     (Summary line of each transaction by user or ERP, btp, etc...)

  • '---logPick     (Pick History)

  • '---logPkRecv    Shared report:

   Pick Issue Report

  • '---mover     (Mover History by User)

  • '---moverng     (Mover History by User)

  • '---MoverReceipt     (Mover History by User)

  • '---User     (User List w/permissions)

  • '---wadet     (Work Assignment Detail Report (production, recv, ship))

   Warehouse Optimization

  • '---ABCMove   (Shows what gets moved the most)

  • '---PartInv     (Shows pallets that could be consolidated)

  • '---ConsolidationByItem     (Shows Items that could be consolidated; pallets that can't be consolidated don't show on the report)

  • '---InventoryOnHold

  • '---InvForOpenOrders     (Shows how much inventory you have available for Open Orders)

  • '---WhLocCapacity     (Shows how much space is available for additional pallets for each location)

  • '---PartialsForOpenOrders     (Instructs workers on how many partials they need to have available for pick-for-ships)

  • '---InvAgeLoc     (Shows Aging Inventory by Location)

  • '---InvAgeLot     (by Lot)

  • '---InvAgeUnit     (by Pallet)

   Cycle Counting

  • '---CycDet   (Cycle Counting Detail By Set)

  • '---CycDetnu     (Cycle Counting Detail By Set)

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